We can completely produce your project from concept to distribution, or we can supply our many services à la carte. Either way you get quality work from dedicated media professionals who love what they do. Our expanding list services include:
  Complete Project Production  
  Conceptualizing & Research  
  Script writing and Storyboarding  
  Production Planning  
  Location Shooting on DV or BetacamSP  
  Studio Shooting  
  Insert Studio Rental  
  Teleprompting with text input  
  Non-Linear (Digital) Editing  
  Traditional Tape Editing  
  Graphics and Title Creation  
  Image Compositing and Special Effects  
  Chroma Keying (Blue Screen Effects)  
  Logo and Title Animation  
  3D Computer Animation  
  Narration Recording  
  Production Music Licensing  
  Sound Effects Design  
  Interactive CD-ROM and DVD Authoring  
  Web Site Design and Creation  
Web Content Creation
  Powerpoint Presentation Design  
  Macromedia Director Presentation Design  
  Powerpoint Conversion to Video  
  Video Conversion to Digital Media (QuickTime, MPEG, AVI, MP3 etc.)  
International Standards Conversion
  DVD, CD and VHS Duplication  
For more information about our services, please contact us.