Much of the video consists of scenes of a driver in his van in various situations. To add to the realism of these scenarios, about 2 hours of footage was shot from a driver's point of view. To accomplish this, we brought out our secret weapon - a mini DV camcorder. Its small size made it easy to work in the tight confines of the van's passenger seat and its picture stabilizer worked wonders in the moving vehicles. And it came in handy for some last minute pick-up shots, too. The DV footage blended well with the footage shot by our professional BetaSP camera.
DV Cam footage on the left, broadcast Betacam on the right.
Wet streets. (DV Cam)

Potential hazard. (DV Cam)

Washing a tall truck. (DV Cam)
   Besides the location footage shot at Fleetwash's NJ headquarters and other nearby locations, Megavideo created a number of computer animations which were used to illustrate concepts that would have been difficult or too expensive to shoot.
"MacD's Parking" animation

"Brush-On Logo" animation

"Following Distance" animation
View a 32-second video clip of the "Stopping Distance" animation.
(787KB file)
   Static bullet point lists tend to be boring, so to help keep the viewer's interest during the many bullet point summaries that needed to be presented, moving video depicting each point was inset next to the bullets on a colorful background.
These are examples of how bullet point graphics were handled. The inset picture is moving video.
View a 35-second video clip of a bullet point graphic.
(907KB file)
      The completed video runs about 20 minutes and we also created a Spanish narration version. Megavideo duplicated the VHS copies and the program was distributed to the Fleetwash facilities around the country.

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