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Megavideo Productions / MegaDV

A Brief History

Megavideo Productions was originally founded in 1983 by Jack Falzarano under the corporate name RGB Falcon Productions, Inc. About a year later the trade name Megavideo Productions was added and we have been doing business under that name ever since. Back then Megavideo Productions was a small home based business offering videotaping services and production crewing. We soon added VHS duplication services and then basic 3/4 inch editing.

It didn't take long before we outgrew that one room home office and we moved to an office building in Saddle Brook, NJ. While there, we expanded our edit suite to include some special effects, titling and graphics. We upgraded our location shooting equipment to a more professional level with a new camera and lighting package.

A few years later we moved to another building in Saddle Brook where we had room to expand our edit room to a full A/B roll on-line edit suite. We increased our duplication capability and outfitted a small shooting studio.

Another move to Fairfield NJ created a leaner, meaner Megavideo. We no longer had an in-house shooting studio, but we added a more profitable service: computer graphics and animation. We upgraded our camera and location gear, offering SVHS for field acquisition. High quality digital effects were added to our editing capabilities and SVHS became another edit tape source. It was also during this time that Mike Liszczynsky came on board.

With the move to Rochelle Park in 1993 came major upgrades to the facility, improving overall video and audio quality and allowing us to offer many new services. We phased out the 3/4 inch edit system and phased in new Betacam SP decks. We added more video and audio processing gear and set up another animation workstation. And in 1995 we opened up our first digital, non-linear editing suite. We added foreign conversions to our duplication services and teleprompting and prompter rentals to our production services.

The new millennium brought further expansion of our facility to include a second digital edit suite with animation and effects, a voice over booth and a conference room which doubles as a small studio. We also added a Betacam SP shooting package and a DV camcorder package to our production services. To our growing list of digital services, we added interactive CD-ROM production, digital video compression, and other digital video services for CD-ROM and Internet.

In the past few years Megavideo Productions has moved into DVD authoring and production services and web site content production. We have further expanded our DV shooting and editing capabilities, and brought a third digital editing workstation online. Change is good.